So Long Red Bay…….


We started our last morning in Bay 10 this morning by asking Patrick & Thomas to have us on the road before noon. We wanted to be done and on the road yesterday but that didn't happen as the slide adjustment took a lot longer than we all thought it would. Wednesday was a full day in the bay so all told we had five days in bay 10 to get as much warranty work done as possible. This morning we had the induction cooktop replaced, the driver's window revealed, the switch on front commode changed out and the wet bay door realigned. We still have to come back in November for other things that our techs didn't get to because time ran out. Once we sorted out the bill and checked out of the campground, we were both relieved to actually hit the road out of Red Bay by 11:45 am.


Our plan was to head east to Huntsville, Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN. Traffic moved quite well actually with only a couple of slow downs in Chattanooga and Knoxville. After a fuel stop at Flying J in Knoxville we opted to continue east on I-640 to get around the lion's share of Knoxville tonight and thereby hopefully avoid most of tomorrow morning's rush hour. We phoned ahead to the Cracker Barrel at exit 398 in east Knoxville and arrived about 7pm EST. We lost an hour leaving CST to EST. Supper at Cracker Barrel after taking Teddy for a nice walk. Hoping to be up early Friday morning so we can make the big push to Thousand Trails Hershey by tomorrow night. It will be a 500 mile day but should be doable provided traffic flows alright. We'll spend two nights in Hershey and then head north to the border on Sunday.