A New Toad


2013 Ford Edge Sport

We've both been a little under the weather for the last week now. I was the first one to go down with what I think is exactly the same flu that we both had while in Florida this past winter. Turns out I had the same thing again last week and am only just now getting ahead of it now. Unfortunately, Chris now has the same flu again as well and she is flying to Edmonton on Friday so we are hoping she gets ahead it by then as well.


Despite our health issues, we have soldiered on and managed to pick up our new Ford Edge which replaces our Saturn Vue as our toad. We bought from Donnelly Ford on Bank St in Ottawa, ON after making all the enquiries while still in Florida. Our salesman, Martir Nolasco, is top notch and did a fabulous job for us including arranging for the installation of our Blue Ox baseplate and Air Force One brake as part of the deal.

We had to run the motorhome into Donnelly Ford this morning because the installer forgot to install the break away switch and the tail lights & turn signals on the Edge weren't working when hooked up to the motorhome. We packed up the Bus and drove into the dealer for 9 am this morning. The lights were a simple wiring problem that was quickly sorted out. The break away switch took a little longer so we left the Edge at Donnelly Ford while their shuttle ran us over to the blood lab near the General Hospital on Smyth Rd. We stopped for a bit of lunch on the way back and by the time we got back to the dealer our break away switch was properly installed and working well.

Chris then headed off to Global Pets on St Laurent Rd while I took the motorhome down to Future Shop on Ogilivie Rd to wait for her. The parking lot at Global Pets was a little too tight for us to tow the Edge there so Chris met me at Future Shop where we hooked up the Edge to tow for the first time. The Edge tows far more easily than than our Vue. We don't have to open the hood on the Edge and pull a master fuse in order to disable the instruments like we did on the Vue. Just put the Edge in neutral, set accessory switch on, turn radio off, air flow to recirculate and we were ready to go. The odometer doesn't role while we tow either. We rolled out of Future Shop and headed back to our campground in near Rockland.

So the sun is shining today but it is still cool. A warming tread is to begin tomorrow though. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and Chris goes on Thursday morning. Then on Friday I put Chris on the plane for Edmonton before Teddy & I head for Hanover in the Edge for a few days. The Edge is a joy to drive and I'm looking forward to my trip to Hanover.