Kingston, Nova Scotia


Wendy met us for breakfast at Tim Horton's before 8 am. It was just us and all the truckers inside. Busy spot as all Tim Horton restaurants are in the morning. Wendy had a look through the bus with Chris even though all our slides were in and liked what she saw. We said our goodbyes and were on the road by 9 am heading for the Irving Big Stop in Truro, NS for one last top up.

It was a gorgeous sunny day. Too bad Hwy 2 out of New Brunswick is in such bad shape. We bounced around so much that the adhesive holding up one of the back splashes on the wall in our bathroom let go. Won't be a hard fix. Just another blip is all. We weren't doing 80 kph in places on this 4 lane road because the road was so bad. Once in Nova Scotia though the road was as smooth as glass.

We were in Greenwood before 2 pm and unhooked the Edge, which started up easily by the way and then dumped one last time at the free RV dump station behind Greenwood Mall before heading to Chris's dad's place. Backing in the bus was a piece of cake with the help of my lovely assistant. We have just enough 50 amp extension cord to connect to the new 50 amp receptacle on the house. Slides are out, wheel covers are on, window awnings extended, jacks are down, satellite is up….our bus is now parked until mid October.

Weather forecast is great for the next five days so I'll wash the bus and Edge over the next couple of days. I have an appointment for the Edge at Bruce Ford in Middleton, NS on Monday. Donnelly has agreed to cover costs for them to install new LED diodes which should arrive in the post today. The diodes should sort out why both amber turn signal bulbs on the back of the Edge are lighting up when the brakes are applied. Brake lights work as they should but the amber turn signal lights shouldn't come on. Bruce Ford will check the battery and wiring too.

Looks like a great weekend in the Annapolis Valley. The apple blossoms are out.