On The Road Again…..


We drove over to Hanover from Ottawa on the weekend and I stayed there visiting family while Chris attended a conference on nutrition in Toronto on Friday and Saturday. The Edge continues to impress us as our new toad and is very comfortable to drive. Lindsay popped up to Hanover to spend the night on Saturday and we had a great visit. She and Casey are organizing a trip to England for about ten days in July while I am in Filey looking after my mother.


Chris really enjoyed the conference and is armed with lots of new nutritional ideas. We headed back to Ottawa on Sunday. Thanks Karen and John for a wonderful stay. About an eight hour drive but it was a sunny day so the time passed quickly. We packed up this morning and headed into Donnelly Ford with the Bus and Edge one more time. Turns out it was a wasted trip as their tech claimed to not have been informed we would be in on Monday morning. Donnelly is trying to sort out why our brake and signal lights both come on on the Edge when plugged into the motorhome. Their tech claims we need another part which is on order but I am 100% certain the LED diode kit from Blue Ox which I supplied is all they need. Anyway, we didn't have time to hang around and wait as we had to get on the road. Donnelly's service manager is aware how disappointed we are and has promised to sort things out to our complete satisfaction.

We hit the road towards Quebec City at 10 am after topping up with diesel at Stinson on Bank Street south. We followed Hwy 417 east towards Montreal until we reached Autoroute 30, a toll road which runs along the south shore of the St Lawrence River effectively bypassing the always heavy traffic through Montreal. The toll charge was $7.50 total cost. We met up with Hwy 20 south of the tunnel and motored right along towards Quebec City. Lunch was at a rest stop about 40 km east of Montreal before we continued on past Quebec City to a Walmart at Levis, QC. We were off the road by 4 pm sitting in the parking lot with two other RVs.

Temps have cooled off noticeably while we are here and the wind has also picked up but the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. We enjoyed Chris's spaghetti for supper followed by a quiet evening. We'll be up early in the morning on our way to Woodstock, NB for one night and hope to spend the next night in Salisbury, NB before arriving in Kingston, NS on Thursday.

I'm a bit preoccupied today because my elderly mother who still lives at home, fell yesterday, and didn't sound as chipper as she usually does on the telephone. She has promised to call the doctor in the morning though. Here's hoping……….