Salisbury, NB


We took our time getting going yesterday morning and enjoyed a leisurely morning walk with Teddy along the St John River. We learned that as recently as three weeks ago the ice on the River had backed up the water substantially and much of the low areas of our campground had been flooded with about three feet of water. We sure couldn't tell though and all sites were fully operational and freshly leveled with a grader. Wonder why TT Peace River has so many similar problems every year.

We dumped our tanks and added some fresh water before hooking up the Edge and heading east towards Salisbury, NB where we spent the night parked with the Big Boys at the Irving Big Stop station on Hwy 2. The battery on the Edge held up fine for the 2.5 hour drive and started without any issues. We grabbed a quick bit of lunch at Tim Horton's which is right at the truck stop and then headed for Wendy's place just down the road in the Edge.

Wendy is Chris's sister in law and we love seeing her and Jed, the wonder dog. Jed and Teddy have been pals since they first met when Teddy was only 3 months old. It's like they have never been apart. We spent the afternoon on the deck watching these two wrestle for hours. There's a bit of a size difference, Husky vs Mini Schnauzer, but they got along great despite the fact that Teddy tried humping him all afternoon. It's a dominance thing between dogs and they were both trying it.

The Irving Big Stop is listed on as available for a one night stay. We don't usually do truck stops but this one was convenient and close to Wendy's place so we figured why not. We chose and area between two parked trailers for the night thinking the trailers wouldn't be moving. Well one was gone when we got back to the Bus and semi has taken its place. He ran his reefer for about an hour until 11 pm and it remained silent all night after that. We left the slides in which worked out nicely for us. Temps got down to freezing last night so we left the diesel burner on the aqua hot all night with the thermostat is zone 1 set to 65°F. The other zones were off. I heard the heat kick in a few times through the night but not enough to say it was noisy and kept me awake. The truck traffic did that on and off all night long.

Wendy's meeting us a Tim Horton's for breakfast shortly and then we'll push on into Nova Scotia later this morning. Planning to top up with diesel and DEF at the Big Stop in Truro, NS before pushing on to Kingston, NS where we'll be placing the bus on the driveway at Chris's dad's place for the summer. I've got an appointment with the Ford dealer in Middleton early next week to check the battery on the Edge and to also install some LED diodes which Donnelly did not install. Not sure what happened to the diode kit I gave Donnelly but they never were installed. Donnelly is paying for another diode kit, plus shipping, plus installation on the Edge so we hope that will be all sorted out before I leave for England on Wednesday evening.

It's going to be another sunny day today with temps near 70°F in Greenwood, NS