Wash Day For Our Bus

Another sunny day in Kingston, NS yesterday and definitely warm enough to break out my father in law's electric power washer to wash the road grime off the bus.

This Coleman unit is an older model but for it's size vs the size of our bus, it did a pretty good job. Fred handled the wand and sprayed down a section of the bus so I could soap up the same section using a lamb's wool pad and extension pole I picked up in Red Bay last fall. Rinse and repeat…..you get the picture.

I used the newly installed Esso app on my iPhone to locate the nearest Esso station with a car wash. The app says both Esso stations in Kingston and Middleton have a car wash. Drove to the one in Kingston and no car wash. I smartened up and called the Middleton Esso before driving there. No car wash there either. At least the app got the phone number right though. I did mange to find a small self serve car wash for the Edge in Kingston though.

More chores tomorrow. If I get ambitious enough I may pull out some of the drawers in the dash to see why my dash heat isn't working. Don Boyd from Tiffin is pretty sure the cable from the heater core has let go and just needs to be reattached. The problem is getting at it.