Woodstock, New Brunswick


Boy, the wind was whistling at the Walmart in Lévis, QC last night. We arrived there about 3 pm under bright, sunny skies and temps around 20°C. By 6 pm, the wind had picked up and temps had plunged to about 6°C. We went from shorts and t shirts to wearing long pants and sweaters. There were 4 small class C RVs with us and a couple of them took shelter behind a building in an effort to stay out of the wind. We were fine where we were with our slides in though.

We hooked up the Edge and were on the road at 7:30 am this morning, heading for Cozy Cabins Motel & Campground in Woodstock, NB for the night. It was a cloudy day and still pretty windy but not much in the way of showers. Traffic was light with the occasional road construction. I kept our speed down to about 95 kph for most of our drive because of the wind and the road conditions too. It was pretty rough in places probably due to the long cold winter.

The Edge started fine after our drive to Lévis last night but after today's run to Woodstock, it was stone dead when we unhooked. Of course there is no way of knowing the battery is dead until you go to start it. I had already put the Edge into park from neutral, stepped on the brake and then pushed the start button, followed by nothing but the rapid clicking sound of a low battery. And once it's in park there is no way of going back to neutral without starting the engine. Note to self…..leave it in neutral and then start the motor! At least if it won't start I can still move the Edge off the road. Took 20 minutes for a tow truck to come in and only 5 seconds to boost the battery.

Now I'm not sure if there is a problem with the charge system from the motorhome to the Edge or if the battery on the Edge is bad. We'll have the Edge checked out at the Ford dealer on Tuesday in Middleton, NS.

We enjoyed a very quiet and peaceful night overlooking the St John River in Woodstock, NB. Chris found this Passport America campground about 5 years ago on our way to Nova Scotia and now we always stop here coming and going to/from the Maritimes. Large level pull thru sites, 50 amp, water, sewer and free wifi for less than $26 per night.

We are off to Salisbury, NB tomorrow. It's a short drive to the Irving Big Stop on Hwy 2 where we'll spend the night before pushing on to Nova Scotia.

One last thing…..we fueled up at the Irving Big Stop in Grand Falls, NB after our run through Quebec. I was expecting to be able to use their truck pumps but was surprised to see the truck pumps are a commercial card lock system only. So I had to go to the car pumps but there was plenty if room getting in and out. Another surprise at this Big Stop anyway, was the lack of DEF at the pump the way there is at Flying J stations. I'll check the pumps at the Salisbury Big Stop to see if things are the same there. I suspect they will be the same.