Early Morning Walks


It's been a busy 10 days since I've arrived in Filey. My mornings start with a five mile walk in Filey beginning at 6 am. The tide was far enough out for the first week that I managed to do most of my walking along the seafront and on the beach. However the tide has turned the last few days and I've changed up my routes accordingly until the beach is again accessible.

Inge and I joined a high school friend of mine from our days in Germany for lunch in Scarborough last week. We enjoyed a nice lunch at The Carousel restaurant near Brunswick Shopping Centre. We sat down at 11 am and were there until 3 pm. So many things to talk about and it was really great to relive the old days in Germany.

Inge is doing alright. After ten days I've managed to get us into a fairly active routine. I purposely haven't rented a car just yet because I thought a walk into town and back would be good for the both of us. My mother will be 85 this fall but still gets around quite well despite being a little unsteady on her feet. I'm still working on her using her cane when out in the garden as well. She's fallen 3-4 times in recent weeks before I arrived and most often it is out in the garden. Talk about trying to teach and old dog new tricks! I've also finally sorted out her refrigerator and gotten rid of some expired food.

Lindsay & Casey have booked their week long trip to Filey for mid July and I'll definitely rent a car while they are here. I've convinced Inge to reconsider the advantages of switching her home to gas heat from the thirty year old electric night storage heaters she presently has. We've asked for a few quotations and hope to have the work completed before the kids arrive next month. At least it is warm enough to shut the heaters off right now without any discomfort. That certainly won't be the case if we wait until fall.

Air Transat has thrown me a bit of a curve ball though. Completely out of the blue, they emailed me last week advising my return flight to Halifax on Oct 1st has been cancelled. I now have to rebook, at no cost, as soon as possible so I have to reconsider just how long I'll stay in England. Right now I'm thinking perhaps mid August or even into September depending on seat availability. It will all depend on how things go assisting my mother with her personal affairs. Lots to do for sure.

I've managed to get broadband internet installed at the house at long last. We went with BT which delivered the equipment today. It took about 5 hours for BT to sort out the ASDL connection but it seems to be working fairly well. Now if I could figure out why mum's Sky TV isn't working. The over the air FreeSat works fine but SkyTV isn't coming through at all. Pretty sure it's in the wiring.