Filey, N Yorkshire

Had a great evening flight to London Gatwick from Halifax on Air Transat. Left Wednesday night at 11:30 pm and arrived in London Thursday at 9:30 am under sunny skies. I managed to struggle my way through a couple of movies before catching forty winks. I tried out my Bose noise canceling headphones for the first time. I got the QuietComfort 20i in ear noise canceling headphones instead of the bulkier over ear QC15 version and am very happy with my purchase. A flick of the noise canceling switch and all the background noise just disappears. After the movies, I continued to wear the headphones while I dozed off. All the background noise was gone and I slept for an hour or so without any difficulty at all. The 20is are also USB rechargeable so no batteries to worry about at all.

Gary Young, a high school friend, picked me up and I spent that night with Gary & Sue in Crowthorne outside of London. I was a bit jet lagged but still managed to stay awake until 9 pm. Thanks so much for your hospitality you two.


Friday morning, Gary & I drove up to Filey to my mother's place. We arrived by early afternoon and after a quick tour around Filey and good visit with my mother, Gary headed south back to London. A huge thanks for running me up in your car. Sure beat the train and gave us a nice chance to catch upThanks mate!

My mother will be 85 in November and is doing well physically but I can tell her memory is fading somewhat as she gets confused more easily now than during our visit to Filey last fall. So I decided to spend the summer here in Filey looking after her and to also determine if it's time to look for some assistance for her. It won't be the usual holiday type visit for sure but she definitely needs some assistance. Chris and Teddy are staying in Nova Scotia to look after her dad. Should make for an interesting summer for us both.

A good night's sleep last night followed by an nice brisk walk along the sea front in Filey with my camera first thing this morning shortly after sun rise. It was nice to get out for some photos again as I haven't much time lately. We popped out to the local Tesco for some groceries this afternoon and have salmon fillets, rice and broccoli on the menu for supper tonight. We had sunshine this morning but the clouds have rolled in along with the rain this afternoon. Sunshine again tomorrow though.