We Have Dash heat Again…..Finally!


Regular readers will know that we stopped in at the Tiffin service center in Red Bay, AL in April before coming back to Canada to have a number of repairs seen to under warranty. The main item on our list of repairs was fixing the lack of dash heat. Lazy Days in Tampa had diagnosed a blown heater core as the reason so we had run back up to Red Bay so Tiffin could pull the dash apart and replace the heater core. We thought we had it fixed but 20 minutes out of Red Bay we knew we still had a problem but we had to keep going in order to get out of the USA or risk exceeding our 6 month maximum stay.

Last month, Freightliner in Ottawa gave the problem nothing more than a cursory look and wanted to pull the entire dash out again but I put the brakes on that idea soon enough. I've been researching the possible causes on TRVN since coming back from Red Bay and thought the cause of our having no dash heat had to be something relatively simple. The new heater core was definitely circulating coolant because both hoses are hot. The cable from the back of the dash heater control was attached so it had to be the cable connection at the damper on the heater core. The top photo shows that I had to completely remove the dash console and unplug about two dozen wire connectors in order to drop the console. Not an easy job but I had a few days here before I leave for England on Wednesday and decided to give it a go. It turns out the other end of the heater control cable connector was not connected to the damper properly. I managed to seat the end of the cable around the pin on the damper and also clip the cable back into an anchor clip on the heater core housing. Once I reattached the other end of the cable connector to the back of the dash heater control unit, I was ready to test the unit out. I was pretty happy to have defrost and cabin air circulation working as it should be. It took me about three hours to get everything apart because I wanted to be sure I'd remember where all the different connectors go once I had to put everything back together. I pulled things apart on Saturday afternoon and put everything back together Sunday morning. I managed to get everything back in place in about three hours. The only thing not working as it should are the paddles on my smart steering wheel which control the volume, channel selector on the radio. I've probably got a cable connected incorrectly or perhaps missed a cable but I can live with things like that until we get back to Red Bay in November. For now, we have dash heat and the very likely possibility of cold and or snowy weather on our way back to Ontario in October does not seem quite so daunting as it was a few days ago.


Dash Console Back In Place