On To Waterloo, ON


Before I forget, I'm posting a shot of the new positioning of all the connectors on the Edge. Not the easiest shot to see it properly but if you look closely, all the connectors are located between the two tow cable hooks on the baseplate which is right above the license plate and below the Ford emblem.

Yesterday was our last day of appointments. We were both in the dentist chair in the morning while Teddy was in at the groomer's next door and we're all done before noon. A couple of last minute shopping stops as well as a stop for Teddy at Conroy Pit for a run and we were back relaxing at Camp Hither Hills by mid afternoon. I bucket washed as much of the maritime road grime off the lower half of the bus as I could and then spent an hour or more backing up our iPads and iPhones before updating our Mac Book Pros on the free wifi offered at the campground.

We hit the road shortly after 9 am this morning and actually enjoyed sunny skies and dry roads all the way to Grren Acre Park in Waterloo where we'll spend the next week before heading to Red Bay, AL on our way to Florida. Traffic on 401 east was great as far as Oshawa. We stopped for some lunch at the ONroute in Napanee. Things slowed a bit near the airport in Toronto as usual and then really slowed because of an accident in the east bound lanes near Milton. Of course everyone in the westbound lanes (us) had to slow down and rubber neck as they went by the accident. We pulled into Green Acre Park before 4:00 pm and were visiting friends before we had even checked in and set up camp. A huge thank you to Frank & Diane for welcoming us back with such a fine supper. The park is busy as ever and looks to be in great shape.