Farewell Nova Scotia

We’ve enjoyed our three weeks in Kingston, NS with Chris’s father where he celebrated his 83rd birthday.  Also during our stay we managed to get two new front tires bought and installed by Valley Tire in Kentville, NS.  Turns out our wheel alignment was out of whack and likely has been since we bought our bus in July 2013.  An unexpected expense to be sure but there was no way around it.We left Kingston on Tuesday morning and spent that night at Cosy Cabins Motel & Campground in Woodstock, NB.  Lots of rain on the way and the road conditions east of Moncton, NB were atrocious to boot.  We shook so much that the screws holding our rear passenger wheel well moulding in place snapped off.  

I used duct tape to secure the panel in place before we continued ok on Wednesday morning , in still more rain, to Horizon-Lussier on Hwy 10 at Marieville, QC.  They are a licensed Tiffin dealer and service centre.  We arrived there just after 7 pm and hooked up to 30 amp over night.  Our service manager got us in first thing this morning and we were all fixed up and back on the road by 10 am this morning.  Half hour of shop time, three new screws in place and our wheel well moulding never budged at all.  Better than new!

Hwy 30 West along the south shore is our usual route in order to avoid Hwy 20 through Montreal.  We’ve taken the Hwy 30 route repeatedly the last few years and it is sooooo much easier…and the toll cost is less than $10.00.  Our lunch time fuel stop was the Esso truck stop in St Isadore, ON and the adjoining Tim Horton coffee shop for lunch.  We continued on Hwy 417 through Ottawa with no delays before stopping for the night at the Super Wal-Mart in Renfrew, ON.  On to Carol’s Campground in Sudbury on Friday to spend the weekend with our good friends Tony & Christine.