Nova Scotia to Alberta



I thought I’d do a post summarising our route from Nova Scotia to Alberta.  I couldn’t manage to get the whole route in one screen shot in Google Maps so I’ve divided it up into two separate shots.  The first is Nova Scotia to Sudbury , Ontario.  The second is Sudbury, Ontario to Cold Lake, AB across the top of Lake Superior.



The entire trip was just under 5000 km or 3000 miles. We averaged 500 – 800 km per day and were generally on the road just after 8 am and off the road before 5 pm. We spent roughly $2000 on diesel fuel and DEF combined. Most of our travel days we overnighted at Walmarts or the odd truck stop too along our route but we also used campgrounds in New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.  We left Nova Scotia on June 7th and arrived at Baywood Park in Cold Lake, Alberta on June 20th.


Our grandson, Logan, is the principal reason we decided spend a couple of months in Alberta this summer.  He’s three months old now and weighs 14 lbs 14 oz.  25″ long and such a good baby. Sarah and Matt are enjoying being parents for the first time and Logan is getting lots of attention from all his grandparents.

So we are planning on being in Cold Lake until August 25th when we’ll start heading back to Ontario.  We are mulling over dipping down into the USA south of Winnipeg in order to check out the south shore of Lake Superior for a couple of days before reentering Canada at Sault Ste Marie., Ontario.  We still have three days left over from last winter down south and using a couple of those days in August shouldn’t impact at all on our November departure for Riverbend.

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  1. Pat Harder June 25, 2016 at 4:18 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your travels with all of us. I find it very interesting what individuals are experiencing. Enjoy the rest of your summer, see you at RB.