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Red Bay…….Again

The tech at Cummins South in Ocala changed out the Schrader valve on our dash air last Monday. Tiffin covered the cost of the service call. He couldn't find any sign of a leak anywhere so the valve was the only thing where a leak could possibly occur. We were on our way shortly after lunch and because of the bad driver side mirror camera we discovered on our way to Ocala, we decided to just head for Red Bay on the way back north. Besides, Wanda, the scheduler at Tiffin, told us they could get us in right away once we arrived in Red Bay. We overnighted at the Cracker Barrel in Tifton, GA before heading on to Red Bay last Tuesday.

True to her word, Wanda had us in Bay 5 on Wednesday morning. Dusty was our tech and he was fabulous. He had all our remaining warranty repair items looked after by Thursday at noon. We were ready to check out when we learned that Tiffin could also swap out our old L sofa under warranty. I checked with Cayla in Parts and learned that a brand new L sofa was on its way back to Red Bay from Lazydays after having been ordered in error. It arrived last Friday, was the same color as our current sofa and Tiffin could do the swap while we were here instead of our having to return for yet another trip to Red Bay in November. So we decided to spend the weekend.

Getting back into Bay 5 took a few days more than we thought it would but Dusty had us in today before lunch. He and several other techs had the old sofa out in no time and the new one in place by mid afternoon. They removed the driver's window and used the hole to remove the old sofa and bring in the new sofa. Who knew! The new sofa is about four inches shorter than the old sofa so we now have some storage space in the front end of the drivers slide. Tiffin offered to fill it with a wooden blank, stained to match our interior color but we've decide to go without for the time being….just to see if the new found storage area will be useful. The new sofa is much firmer and the back is a little higher than our old one. Chris loves it and that's a good thing as she sits there more than I do.

There was one tiny wrinkle as we tried to leave Bay 5 and go back to our site. Turns out one of the valves on the front slide out mechanism was faulty and the driver slide wouldn't retract at all. Kyle is perhaps the most senior tech I know at Red Bay and he had it diagnosed and the valve replaced in less than five minutes. Gail in the office handled our check out in less than two minutes. Tiffin waived our campground fees and covered everything under warranty.

We hit the road for Pennsylvania tomorrow morning. Dependent on traffic and weather along I-81, we are hoping to make it as far as Wytheville or even Roanoke, VA. We'll lose an hour of day light tomorrow so time will tell. Still planning on rolling into Thousand Trails in Hershey, PA sometime Friday afternoon. Looking forward to a few days there before pushing on to Ontario before the end of the month.