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Going West Next Year

Phaeton Place

A cooler and cloudy day in Orlando today but I still managed to get in a little pickleball this morning while Chris continued to plug away at her nutrition course.  The wind came up before lunch just as we finished playing which was a good excuse to shut things down for the day.  Pickleball is always an adventure when the wind blows.  I may have been a little overly cautious with our awning but the weather forecast was calling for 20 mph winds this afternoon and once he awning started rippling a bit, it was time to bring it in.  The strong winds never really materialized so I’ll put the awning back up tomorrow morning.

We are enjoying our time in Florida but also miss Arizona and southern California.  We are toying around with the idea of picking up old Route 66 somewhere south of Chicago area when we head south next fall from Ontario.  Probably somewhere around St Louis, MO and then heading west as far as Albuquerque, NM before turning south to spend some time at Bosque del Apache near San Antonio, NM for a little bird photography.  I understand the White Sands Missile Range is also a fantastic place for photography and it isn’t far from Bosque either.  After that we are thinking about perhaps booking into Happy Trails in Surprise, AZ until the new year and then heading for Palm Springs in January.  No firm plans and certainly nothing cast in stone yet but it is always good to have a rough idea. Today’s photo of Phaeton Place is an HDR composite taken as we stopped in Salt River canyon on Hwy 60 on our way into Apache Junction in November 2010.  I added the star effect highlight on the windshield.