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Found The Leak!

Black BearKevin, our tech, has done a marvelous job diagnosing and repairing our leak problem.  He pulled down the two ceiling panels forward of the sliding pocket door we have mid coach and then removed a bunch of styrofoam ceiling insulation to expose the drain hose from our front air conditioner.  The cause of our leak turns out to be an errant screw driven through the drain hose which likely occurred when they remounted our Datastorm dish on the roof following our roof replacement in Nov 2010.  Kevin cut out the offending screw and fitted the drain hose with a brass coupler and two hose clamps to successfully repair the damage.  He used expanding foam insulation to replace the removed styrofoam and installed two new ceiling panels.  All they need to do now is remount some cabinets, trim and moldings as well as all the vents and light fixtures.  He is hopeful we’ll be back in Phaeton Place by supper time tomorrow.

Repaired Drain Hose

One more night in the Outback trailer here at Tiffin’s campground.  We can handle a couple of nights but any longer would be asking a little much I think.  Guess we’ve been spoiled living in our motorhome.  It’s definitely a lot more comfortable than this trailer.  It was very mild in Red Bay today with temps in the uppers 60sF and quite windy too.  We’ve heard a tornado touched down in neighboring Mississippi but other than a few thunder claps overhead and a real good soaking this afternoon, there were no weather issues in Red Bay at all.  Temps are supposed to cool off considerably overnight but we have a good furnace in our trailer so we should be nice and toasty.

I worked on this shot of a black bear from our visit to Banff & Jasper National Parks last summer in Photoshop this afternoon.  We were driving from Banff to Jasper in the motorhome marveling at the fabulous mountain scenery when we saw this bear grazing at the side of the road.  There was no other traffic on the road so we stopped Phaeton Place as far over to the shoulder as possible.  I scrambled outside to the highway behind our Vue and rapped off about 10 shots of this bear as he slowly ambled along the crest of a hill about 30 feet from the where I stood without a care in the world.  I expect he gets his picture taken regularly and knows there is nothing to fear from a guy in a national park holding a camera.  Clicking on the photo should take you to my animal gallery.  Enjoy!