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McPhail’s of Harriston


We had some left over warranty work which needed to be done before heading south as well as the annual engine, chassis, aqua hot & generator service. Generally we get this all done in Red Bay at the factory on our way to Florida but having to wait up to three weeks for a full service bay in Red Bay gets old real fast, so this year I decided to let McPhail's handle everything. I had a bunch of parts shipped to McPhail's over the summer months and scheduled the bus in for Oct 22nd and 23rd.


Teddy & I went up to Harriston on Wednesday afternoon and spent the night plugged in outside at Mcphail's. We were in the shop right at 8:00 am and there were three techs working on the bus all day. I was surprised they got everything done in only one day. We've had problems with the satellite tv signal disappearing to the television over the fireplace from the beginning and have gone through three new HDMI splitters while in Red Bay but the problem persisted. The next step was to string a new HDMI cable from the splitter to the tv, a lengthy but not impossible job to do. We had an 18 meter cable included in our list of parts but our tech managed to correctly isolate the problem as being the 90° connector used to connect the hdmi cable to the splitter. He removed the 90° contractor and plugged the hdmi cable right into the splitter and I haven't had any signal degradation at all so far.

Both driver and passenger windows needing resealing. The shower drain was replaced too as the old one hasn't been installed properly and was leaking. Lastly, the flush handle and assembly were replaced on the front toilet. Hoping this resolves the ongoing problems we've had with intermittent flushing.

So everything is back to normal and the bus is back at Green Acre Park until Casey & I shove off for points south. Can't wait.