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Busy Trip to England

img_0889We left Cold Lake, AB at the end of August and essentially did the same drive we did in the spring but in reverse.  Alberta back to Sudbury, ON with a Labour Day weekend stop over at Lake Superior Provincial Park near Wawa, ON.  We were very pleased to spend time with our friends Tony & Christine before heading over to England on Sep 10th.  Teddy loves hanging out with their dogs, Nikko and Matty, at the lake and he always has a great time.  Christine drove us to Toronto.  Our flight over to Manchester on AirTransat was uneventful, unlike last year when we had to turn back and spend a night in Montreal.img_0886

Our trip wasn’t really a holiday.  We went over to check on my mother who will be 87 next month and who has been in a home for the last few years.  She is doing quite well considering her ongoing struggles with dementia but we could tell that she has slipped further into the void since last year.  I had put the house in Filey up for sale over the summer and a buyer was looking to us to empty out the house.  We spent two very long weeks sorting through all my mother’s things.  I shipped some items back to Canada but lots of things were sold at auction or donated to local Filey charity shops.

We managed to empty out the house before we left to spend a couple of nights in York on our return trip on the train to Manchester Airport.  We always love walking the walls around the old city and strolling through The Shambles.

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My aunt Alyson was an accomplished artist and had done many watercolours of Lindsay & Casey as children.  I found the above framed watercolour in a box in the attic and decided to ship it home along with quite a few others.

Our return flight was very relaxing but we are both exhausted following a very busy summer.  We’ve been on the go constantly really since returning from Florida in late April.  Since then we’ve driven the bus over 10000 kms.  Ontario to Nova Scotia, back to Ontario, to Alberta, and back to Ontario.


We are now in Ottawa looking after medical and dental appointments. The Edge is being serviced today.  We’ll spend Thanksgiving here in Ottawa before heading to Green Acre Park in Waterloo, ON next week. Our annual Motorhome service is scheduled for Oct 20th at McPhail’s in Harriston, ON.  We are looking forward to some down time in Waterloo visiting family nearby before starting our trip south to Riverbend on Nov 1st.