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Florida At Last


Casey and I spent a night at the Flying J in London, ON before heading for the border at Sarnia early on Nov 1st. I think we were on the road by 6 am and had no troubles at all crossing into the USA. It's always a mystery whether or not the crossing will be quick and easy. We answered a few questions and were quickly on our way. The weather was actually good compared to last year when it rained all the way south on I -75 to Cincinnati. This year the sun even shone some of the way.

Chris & I generally average about 500-600 km (300-400 miles) a day when we come south but Casey & I decided to keep going as long as I was feeling up to it. Well we wound up spending our first night at the Flying J in Knoxville, TN, a distance of 1000 km or 600 miles. A little far but Casey had a return flight booked out of Fort Myers for late last week so we figured we may as well just go for it. Our second night was spent at the Cracker Barrel in Tifton, GA. We actually had the entire parking lot to ourselves. Traffic through Chattanooga and Atlanta was difficult in heavy rain. In fact, I think it rained pretty well all the way to Tifton. Casey enjoyed his first Cracker Barrel visit.

Tuesday morning we hit the road early again and stopped for fuel at another Flying J in Valdosta, GA before crossing into Florida. I wound up with what I think was water in my fuel after fueling up in Knoxville. At least the yellow exclamation mark warning light came on before we even got to Valdosta. We stopped and grabbed some fuel additive in Valdosta and the warning light eventually went out. I think the sun finally poked its head out once we got south of Ocala, FL.

We pulled into sunny and very hot Riverbend Motorcoach Resort about 1:30 pm after running with our roof air conditioner going all the way from south from Ocala. Our site was ready and it didn't take long to disconnect our toad and get the bus properly parked for the winter.

So Casey got to spend two full days with me in Florida before flying back to Toronto on Friday, plus we got to spend some time quality together on our way south. We picked up a load of groceries on Thursday and he made blue cheese stuffed meatballs for our spaghetti supper. It turned out wonderfully and there was plenty left over.