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Refrigerator Oatmeal & Broadband Internet


Another overcast day on the Yorkshire coastline but the sun pokes out every now and then thankfully. Mum and I walked downtown yesterday afternoon so she could get her hair done. While mum was in the chair, Chris and I chatted on the telephone while I sat outside on a bench in a nearby park. We are already making plans for our return to Ontario in late October as well as another trip to Red Bay in early November on our way to Florida.

I was up early again this morning for another brisk walk. I upped my distance to 6 miles this morning and with the tide not quite in, I managed to do a good chunk of my walk on Filey beach, down as far as Reighton Gap. I'm also catching up on a number of my favorite podcasts while I'm walking so the time goes quite quickly.

Chris sent me a link for an interesting concoction….Refrigerator Oatmeal. The recipe suggests using mason jars but I opted to try it in an old glass beer mug of my father's. It turned out great using organic, large flake, oatmeal, fresh berries, chia seeds, milk and Greek yogurt. It made for a great breakfast after my walk and actually was quite filling. Will definitely be doing this again as it is very easy to put together within just minutes. My thanks to Monica at for this great recipe and of course to my better half for suggesting I try it out.