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Kingston, NS to Salisbury, NB


We were up early this morning and after a bit of breakfast we said goodbye to Chris's father until next spring. We timed it just right as far as even room in our black and grey tanks. First stop was the RV dump station behind Greenwood mall where I looked after emptying our tanks while Chris took the Edge and made a pit stop at Tim Horton's for coffees and two old fashioned plain donuts. After hooking up, we pulled out of Greenwood about 10:30 am under cloudy skies. Our first fuel stop was at Irving Big Stop in Truro Heights just before we made the turn towards Amherst and then on into New Brunswick. I grabbed a couple of cases of DEF as well as topping up with diesel. In and out in about thirty minutes, so not too bad. Once we got to Amherst, NS the skies cleared and we ran all the way to Salisbury, NB under sunny skies. It was a great afternoon with temps around 19°C. We arrived at the Irving Big Stop in Salisbury, NB just after 3 pm and found a place to back in the bus in an out of the way spot that shouldn't cause the truckers any headaches. We have a short drive to Woodstock, NB where we'll catch up on laundry at Cozy Cabins Motel and Campground for a night, perhaps two nights depending on weather. There is quite a bit of rain coming through Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick in the next 2-3 days so we may stop in Woodstock for more than one night depending on driving conditions.

I've been mulling over different GPS options for the bus for most of the summer. We've been using our Garmin Nuvi 560 on the dash with great success since we had our Phaeton but friends have suggested I try the Copilot app on my iPad. I've got to say that for $14.99, it works quite well and I just love the bigger screen on the iPad. My iPad cover doubles as a desktop stand so the iPad stands well on the dash and doesn't eat up my battery hardly at all. Now we did run the Garmin at the same time just to be sure things worked properly and the only problem we encountered with CoPilot was that it couldn't properly direct us to the Irving Big Stop in Truro Heights, NS for some reason. It kept wanting me to go back into Hailifax for some strange reason. I know the address was entered properly so perhaps it's just a glitch in CoPilot's database. We had zero problems finding the Big Stop in Salisbury. In fact, Copilot was bang on while our Garmin thought we still had another 10 km to go to get there. Definitely problems with both GPSs it would seem but then we all know no GPS is 100% accurate. Can't complain at the price and it certainly beats spending hundreds of dollars on a new large screen RV GPS.

Note the bugs on the windshield!