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London, ON to Bowling Green, KY


We spent Friday visiting family in Hanover and had a wonderful time at John & Karen’s. We had great supper on Friday followed by a super breakfast on Saturday before everyone went their separate ways. Chris & I headed back to Green Acre Park with Teddy on a very cold and windy Saturday morning. We said our goodbyes to Frank & Diane while I started up the bus. The bus was all buttoned up while we were away because snow flurries were forecasted but we got away pretty much unscathed. After a few goodbyes we hit the road for Flying J in London, ON. It was a short drive but a useful stop for fuel and DEF as well as an overnight spot before heading for Blue Water bridge this morning.

We were on the road before 6 am after a restless night at Flying J. That and the time change and we were raring to go earlier than usual. Thankfully, this year weather was not an issue and we had clear skies pretty well all the way to Bowling Green, KY. We did get funneled into secondary at the the border because we had foolishly forgotten to rid ourselves of most fruits and vegetables as well as dog food. The Border Services people were very nice about it though and we were on our way in less than 30 minutes minus some apples, avacado, sweet potatoes and dog food.


We continued pretty much most of the day except for a few stops for lunch and to give Teddy a stretch. We did 950 km all together which is a little less 600 miles averaging almost 12 mpg. With the exception of a few patches of road construction, things rolled along quite nicely. The switch to central time after we went through Louisville took us by surprise and extended our drive into Bowling Green by an hour. We arrived just as it was getting dark and are all set up at Camping World for a night. Unfortunately, the Edge’s battery was completely dead when we arrived so it looks like the in line charger is not keeping up. We had to call CAA for a boost.

One last thing. I couldn’t reactivate our Straight Talk SIM cards from last year for some reason. I spoke with tech support in the Philippines of all places and was told the SIM cards were no longer working and therefore could not be reactivated. So long story short, we have new phone numbers now because I had to stop at a Walmart and buy new SIM cards. Please call us if you would like our new numbers.

We’ve disabled our Canadian cell phones until the spring and so far are happy with the ST nano sims in our iPhones. Looks like another dry and sunny day tomorrow for the last leg of our trip to Red Bay. Supper at Cracker Barrel in Bowling Green, KY was excellent….as usual.