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Easter Weekend in Red Bay

Truth be told, we thought we would be on the road north by now instead of spending Easter weekend in Red Bay, AL but life throws you some curve balls from time to time and we are trying our best to take this delay in stride.  The heater core replacement should be completed on Monday and hopefully the rest of the items requiring a service bay will be as well.  That will leave us Tuesday to have our windshield looked at and we may still get out of here Wednesday morning.  We had planned to spend Easter Weekend at Thousand Trails in Hershey , PA before heading back to Ontario but that isn’t going to happen now.  I’ve scoped out a possible route, shown above, assuming we hit the road Wednesday.  Anything later than Wednesday and we may have to high tail it back through either Detroit or Sarnia.  Time will tell, so stay tuned for new developments on Monday’s post.


Chris & I stayed in the motorhome for most of yesterday while they worked on the heater core.  It took most of the morning just to get the top of the dashboard removed.  Turned out they also had to pull the front of dash off in order to get at the heater core.  I don’t mind saying that it was a little overwhelming seeing the front of our bus completely dismantled and laying in a jumbled mess on the floor.  I was a little concerned when the parts department delivered the wrong sized heating core as a replacement and had visions of spending another two weeks in Red Bay but thankfully they managed to find the right replacement and our two techs, Patrick and Thomas, did a great job getting the front reinstalled so we could at least drive back to our site for the weekend.  So Teddy has no dashboard to lay on each morning this weekend and we had to hang blankets up over the dash to cover the windshield over night.  In retrospect I should have had the techs temporarily replace the switches for raising and lowering our day and night shades up front.  We wouldn’t have needed the blankets that way and wouldn’t have looked like trailer trash for the weekend.


We are envious of our friends, Mark & Sue and Bob & Ann, who managed to hit the road yesterday morning.  We had supper with Doug & Terry at Belmont Cafe last night.  They leave this morning as do Wes & Laura.  Travel safely everyone.  Hopefully we will soon be seeing Red Bay in our rear view mirror as well.  We are off to Tupelo, MS later this morning for a little shopping but also for a badly needed change of scenery.