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Photoshop/Lightroom Day

It’s been a mish mash of weather these past few days.  We took a run down to Tillsonburg to see Paul & Lori on Tuesday while it was relatively clear and dry.  Hwy 401 down and country roads coming back.  Needless to say we much prefer the country roads to Hwy 401.  It was all trucks on the road between Kitchener and Woodstock.  Tillsonburg is a great little town.  Paul and Tina showed us their new office downtown and their new home.  Both are very nice and Tina treated us to a  great  lunch on the deck in their backyard.  All to soon though it was time to pack up Teddy in the Vue and head back to Waterloo. We followed the back roads through Tavistock, Wilmot and finally back to Waterloo.  Traffic was a little slower but the return drive was much more pleasant.

Today was a wet, stay at home day.  I managed to replace the rocker switch for the hot water tank this morning.  Pretty simple really, remove four screws, pull out the backing plate and remove the old switch.  I was very pleased to see the light come on when I flipped the switch.  At least we now have a a visual clue to let us know if the electric on the hot water tank is switched on or off.  We also lost the tension in the roller of our MCD shade over the door last night.  It unraveled when I pulled down the shade after bringing Teddy back from his before bedtime walk.  Looking at it this morning, it appears the plastic shaft inside the roller that controls the tension has broken off.  I called MCD in McKinney, TX on Google Talk using the campground’s wifi and they are prepared to mail out a new part so it will be waiting for us in Red Bay, AL as we head south next month.

The rest of the day has been spent walking Teddy between rain showers and honing my Photoshop and Lightroom skills on photographs taken earlier this year.  I posted some of the above photos on facebook but added them on the blog as well.  As always, just click on the photo to see a larger version.  Comments are always welcome.