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So Long Red Bay….Hello Florida


Our apologies for the tardiness of this post but we've had a busy few weeks since getting to Red Bay on Nov 3rd. Our warranty repairs at Tiffin went fairly well. Just about everything on our list was addressed satisfactorily during our two week stay. We also stopped to see Brannon in Vina to have a USB port installed by the passenger window so Chris can keep her phone plugged in while we are driving. Brannon also installed a Toad Charge on our Edge so we will no longer have to be concerned with arriving with a dead battery on the Edge as we seem to have done on occasion lately.


Bruce Deaton's paint shop did a great job repairing the storage bay doors on both sides of the bus. Last fall's attempt by Tiffin's paint shop wasn't a great effort but Bruce more than made up for it by putting four layers of clear coat on the bay doors. The bus looks pretty spiffy!

Craig, Tiffin's tile guy, worked us into his very busy schedule and repaired several broken tiles which went last spring while we were in Red Bay having one slide adjusted. We had to sit for 24 hours after the tile work was completed but managed to hit the road first thing on the morning of Nov 14th. We overnighted at Cracker Barrel in Tifton, GA before making the final push into Riverbend Motorcoach Resort near Fort Myers, FL on Saturday, Nov 15th.

We've had a busy two weeks at Riverbend. Our friends, Tony & Christine, arrived the same day we did but were only here for about four days before flying home until the new year. Chris & I have been enjoying the quiet lifestyle Riverbend offers. We've both been nursing nagging chest colds since we were in Red Bay and happily it seems we are finally getting back to normal. This is the second time I've had this cold since returning from England in mid August and it just seems to hang on forever. Chris is still coughing but thankfully I seem to be over it and have even managed a few games of Pickleball here at Riverbend. Chris is finally feeling better too.

The old guys at Riverbend put on an all-you-can eat $6 pancake breakfast every Saturday morning. The breakfast season started this past Saturday and it was excellent. A little tough playing Pickleball afterwards, but tasty nonetheless.

I've been experimenting with our new Traeger PTG wood pellet BBQ since arriving at Riverbend. The smoked turkey legs turned out very well the other night and tonight we cooked a Digiorno pizza after getting back from a little shopping in Fort Myers. Pizza was good too. Even cinnamon buns turned out well last week so it looks like we have a winner.