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On The Road Tomorrow

Great Blue Heron landing at Venice RookeryFlaps Down!

Tony and I made one last trip to Venice Rookery early yesterday.  We managed to get some more great images before heading back for a visit with Steve & Debbie Yandell who came in from Tanglewood.  Steve even brought  his DJI Phantom quadcopter to fly around Riverbend.  The six of all enjoyed fish & chips for lunch and then shared three pieces of key lime pie for dessert.  After that it was time for a tour of the Riverbend facilities.  Steve flew the quadcopter down by the river and got some graet shots of the river and all the live oaks along the banks.  He even grabbed some video of our motorhomes from the air.  Pretty impressive!  Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Steve & Debbie and we’ll definitely have the Tanglewood crowd down next winter.

Anhinga On Nest

We are all packed up and ready to hit the road tomorrow afternoon.  We don’t have far to go to Lazydays in Seffner so we’ll hang around Riverbend until Sunday afternoon and then take the short two hour drive up to Lazydays and park in their lot overnight.  We have an appointment for warranty repairs first thing Monday morning.  I had hoped Lazydays would be able to look after our entire list but they have asked me to prioritize my items and will only look after the most important.  We were going to head for Thousand Trails in Orlando after that but if we are done at Lazydays by Wednesday next week, we may head for Red Bay and get the rest done before we head home after Easter weekend.  We know we’ll have to sit in line at Red Bay but if we can get our entire list taken care of before going back to Ontario perhaps we won’t have to stop on our way to Florida again in November.  Of course RV travel plans are always made in jello and subject to change at a moment’s notice.

Home Sweet Home

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