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Florida Keys Wild Bird Center

Tony and I managed to spend a very enjoyable 2 hours at FKWBC this morning. It's located about 15 minutes south of our campground on the Overseas Highway. What a gem of a find this is! We walked in with our cameras not knowing what to expect, but were amazed at the number of birds we saw. Many were in large fenced in cages during their rehabilitation from various injuries. We followed the boardwalk and saw pelicans, ibis, egrets, owls, hawks, falcon and more. Pelicans were everywhere actually, even sitting on the boardwalk as we walked by.

The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center is a 501(C)(3) Charitable Organization. The founder of the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, Laura Quinn, spent over 35 years in service to her mission of rescuing and rehabilitating wild birds. Well-known to locals and visitors alike, Laura could often be seen on the boardwalk, visiting with the residents of the Center and the many migratory birds that stopped by on the way to their summer or winter homes. The human visitors to the Sanctuary were frequently the beneficiaries of her informal tours and left the Center with a much greater knowledge of and appreciation for those wild birds. She inspired countless interns and volunteers to follow her example by making their careers in animal care. Unforgettable to all who knew her, she remained devoted to the welfare of wild birds until her death in September 2010.

Once we reached the beach we were greeted by about twenty pelicans sitting or perched on many of the rocks located just off shore. The morning light was perfect for photos and we both took lots. I was amazed to be so close to these birds who clearly did not feel threatened by our presence at all. We watched as some snoozed in the sun while others preened themselves and still others fished for dinner. We are hoping to take the girls there tomorrow evening if there is a nice sunset for some silhouette shots of the birds.